Nobody is perfect


Today, I had my students discuss one thing that they would change about themselves.  Here are their response.

I dislike that I made so many mistakes in life. Every one of them is always different. I always wished I haven’t did what I did. I dislike that I’m very stubborn sometimes, Selfish, a little insecure. I can’t help it. It’s just me and the way I am and I don’t think I’ll ever change. I’ve never been fake towards people, and I dislike myself for trusting those who are fake towards me. I dislike that I’m a very nice person to everyone but once someone makes me mad, I never forget. – SB

I don’t know what I dislike about myself. Really, I like everything about myself, I don’t care what other people think about me. So I don’t really have nothing else to say. When I see other people around here and they would comment on themselves, I think it’s sad. Because people shouldn’t care about what they look like or how dress, everybody might have something wrong about them, but that’s just what they think. If people think I look ugly or if they think I look pretty, then they could think what they want, cause it’s not going to bother me, not matter what they say. I was born the way I am, and I have to live this way until the day I die, so why change thing about me. -EL

One thing I don’t like about myself is that I’m not smart enough for high school. I slack in most of classes except english because you have no choice or else you’ll get written up. That is the only thing I dislike about myself. I think if i were smart enough I would be passing all my class. I wish I could start high school all over again so I can pay attention to all my classes.  -AT

One thing I don’t like about myself is my attitude. My attitude towards my mom is terrible. I act like A stuck up brat towards her when she doesn’t deserve it. I don’t like listening to her because what she says to me just gets me mad. I know I need to change it because with that kind of attitude it isn’t going to get me nowhere. I think the reason I act like that is because me and my mom have been through so much and I think it’s just me not getting over it. -HB

Thanks for reading.


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One Response to Nobody is perfect

  1. Mr P says:

    HB: It takes a lot of maturity at your age to reflect on relationships with family. When I was in middle/high school I had a pretty rough relationship with my mom and we rarely got along. It wasn’t until I was into college when I realized that most of the stuff that got on my nerves were pretty silly and I should have just ignored the things she was doing. Anyways, I’m impressed that you can already recognize already the roots of your rocky relationship. You only get one biological mother in your life, so take control of your attitude and make it better! I wish I had done that earlier in my life. (Maybe it’s just that it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow so I’m thinking about my mom!)

    AT: I’ve never met you, but I’m sure your smart enough for high school! If you see the problem as slacking, go fix it. If you have the guts to talk about your flaws on a website for all to see, you definitely have the strength to make a change!

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