Today, my students posted on their feelings about gangs.  I wanted to see what they thought of the gang culture.  These are their responses.

“Gangs are pointless and stupid to me. Gangs are gangs they don’t mean crap to me. I feel they are dumb because all there fighting over is a stupid color. But other then that everything is pointless and so many people fight, die, kill over nothing. Gangs make people look stupid because some people can say there Sureno’s and not even be Mexican or someone can say there a GD and not even be black. People just think it’s cool to be in a gang because they have a click to back them up when they can just get shot or jumped in a quick second.”

“I think there stipid, then again there pretty awesome cause im in one, but you don’t need to know which one, cause you might rat me out. But i know most of the people there, cause most of them are in the gang i am in, but we only talk outta school, cause thats the way we roll (i guess). But most of them have a baby, or are going to be a daddy or mother, cause thats the way they play the game. A game is like, if one gets drunk then all of them have to, but i they are the loyal ones, like me then i will try to finish school, and collage, and then start up with the gang stuff again.”

“I think being in a gang isn’t worth it any more.I skip school all the time over dumb things.I get in trouble all the time.I go to the J.D.C for dumb things.I only got along with certain people and fight sometimes over things that didn’t make sense to me.My friends didn’t do nothing when I was down and the only one in trouble.Some people looked at me like they can tell I was a disrespectful person all the time.I think of gangs and it really isn’t worth it for me especially on the Rez.”

Thanks for reading.


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4 Responses to Gangland

  1. Leo Cordier says:

    I disagree with one thing and it is the race… “GD” (“Gangster Disciples”) well… you don’t have to be black to be GD… But there is a black gang from Folk nation that is called “BGD’s” or “BD” meaning “Black Disciples” or with “Gangster” between B’D which was made before “Gangster Disciples” which the leader than(David) wanted it to be just blacks but when Larry Hoover came in charge he made Folk Nation and GD. But folk nation haves a lot of races. there is a Mexican or Latin gangs which is called “Spanish cobra’s” or “La Raza” and “Maniac Latin Disciples”. But I just wanted to give some peopkle some knowledge about what they think there better than, which they don’t even know what you talking about. It’s like saying you have to be green to be a alien. well did you see a alien yet…

    • HST says:

      But being in a gang still isn’t going to prove anything, because you don’t do ANYTHING by yourself you have to your friends help you. I think being in a gang is POINTLESS!!!!!

  2. HST says:

    I think it is dumb to be in a gang, because being in a gang is like saying you don’t know how to fight by yourself. You have to have “your boys” help you gang just one person. I think boys that are in gangs just want some “love” like maybe they don’t have there mom or dad with them, which means they want to feel loved and in the gang they feel that homie, brother love.

  3. Mr P says:

    I find it sad that students would want to graduate high school and college and then go right back to the gang life. It heartens me though to see the third student looking back on the gang path and making a change. That takes more courage than most people have.

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