Best Job in the world

I asked my students about what is the best job in the world; I asked them what was the worst job in the world.

I think the best job in the world would be a clothes designer or a Councilor. I think that they would be the best jobs because they help people and they make people happy. I don’t know why but i always like to help people that i know and that i don’t know. I think of my self as a people pleaser. Then i think the worst job in the world would be someone who works at a fast food restaurant because they don’t get payed good and it;s also really gross. I think that because who would want to work with greases and all that nasty stuff. I think that it’s a bad job because your going to be smelling like food and stuff. – MI

Well I don’t know what a good or a bad job would be. I think having a job would be better than nothing. In my eyes, I think a good job would be a doctor of some type. Or a good job can be a job that pays the most money. A bad job would be, having a no job at all. Also a good job would be, being the president in the U.S. Because the president gets to do anything, and he lots of money. So that would be pretty much all I could think of right now. -ELF

a doctor or x-ray tech. they have a good yearly salary. plus in x-ray you can have fun with the equipment, but you have to be careful so that you don’t like mess up anybody’s bodies. the worst job in the world would have to be working at burger king or some low income job. they would be a good place to start your career off at. i wouldn’t stay with that job for the rest of my life though. i would have like a ton of bills to pay, but it would be a start. that job to me would be like an after school job, its not really important its just some thing to do when you are bored. -TM

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3 Responses to Best Job in the world

  1. Ms. French says:

    My advice is to get a part time job or summer job while in high school since it gives you a lot of skills. I have never quit my first high school job at a movie theater and I love it. They know I work hard and I can always pick up some shifts for extra cash when I visit my parents. Plus, the free movies are a great benefit. No matter what, I always know that they would want me to work there.

    But I think that being a teacher is the best job for sure. 🙂

  2. Robin Hutton says:

    Keep studying hard and writing- that’s the best way to have a chance at a good job that you enjoy. I like the advice to try and get a part time summer job- it’s a good way to try different jobs that you might be interested in, and it’s never too soon to learn how to get along with different people you work with. Think of the things you enjoy most, and dream about what kind of job you might be able to do in that area. A job you enjoy is the best kind of job!

  3. Mr P says:

    Remember the differences between hobbies, jobs, and careers.

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