Gangland Pt. 2

Here is part two of my gang posts.

I think gangs are kind of stupid because they say they have your back but they don’t. Well i think it depends who’s in that gang some people in a gang will have your back, the others will just watch you get beat up by another gang. I don’t like them because because in all gangs you cant hang out with someone you knew for a long time. Example if i’m in this gang and a friend is in a different gang you cant hang with him or else you’ll get “checked” or jumped by your gang for hanging out with that gang. But most gangs around here aren’t hardcore as they claim to be. I want to see if they can make it in a city where they actually have guns and they aren’t afraid to use it.

I personally dislike gangs and anything to do with gangs. First of all i will never be a part of a gang because when i thing of a gang i see a bunch of people who are so helpless that they can’t fight there own battles. I hate the thought of having to just ware just one color until you leave the gang. I especially hate reservation gangs because they are just not even intimidating. They walk around like there a bunch of badasses, but when it comes down to it they are just a bunch of punks. Compared to the gangs of the city there nothing. In the cities they walk around with fire arms varying from 9mm to Ak47’s. Sorry if that’s a little inappropriate but it’s the truth. I mean seriously the most gangs do around here is tag a bathroom stall with a sharpie. I may socialize with a person how is a gang but i would never join one. To anyone who is in a gang i ask you this, Whats the point?

I think it is dumb to be in a gang, because being in a gang is like saying you don’t know how to fight by yourself. You have to have “your boys” help you gang just one person. I think boys that are in gangs just want some “love” like maybe they don’t have there mom or dad with them, which means they want to feel loved and in the gang they feel that homie, brother love. But being in a gang still isn’t going to prove anything, because you don’t do ANYTHING by yourself you have to your friends help you. I think being in a gang is POINTLESS!!!!! & WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!

Thanks for reading.


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5 Responses to Gangland Pt. 2

  1. hb says:

    I think all of this is so true about what that person was saying about rez gangs being in the city. People around act like there so cool and what not when all they do in ther gang is talk the talk but never walk the walk because I have a question what do people do with there gang? what do they plan on doing with all of this?

  2. Reuben says:

    I think every thing there talking about is the Truth.

  3. RBS says:

    I think every thing there talking about is the True and Now I know what road to take.

  4. hls says:

    I think what they are talking about is true, “gangs are nothing but a waste of time.” & they don’t scare anyone, around the reservation. They just scare eachother maybe.

  5. MABL says:

    I think there juss dumb too because like my dad said,
    Have them go to the cities and see if they can last a day.
    Because my father was in a gang in the cities and once he came down to the rez
    then he laughs at these “wannabees” because they aint real.
    and that is true they aint REAL.!

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