Are you Superhuman?

Hey readers:

Today, I am going to post what my students’ blogs about being a superhero.  My students were asked about the superpower they would possess and would they be good or evil.

“Well if I had any power I would have the power of air. Because air controls everything, water, fire, earth, and so on. Air is all around us and it will always be. And I will also have the power to read minds. Way better than Edward Cullen can read minds. It would very cool to have that kind of power. But yet I’m only human and nothing more than that. And I would be the good guy of course. I can not see myself as a bad guy, ohkay maybe a little. hehe. I also do not know what my name would be. Something strong that people would look up to and cherish.” -GFH

“The super power I would like would probably be to have a shock when somebody touches me, because they would know better to touch me next time. I also could zap somebody when I feel like it, or if they are being mean. Although I would not want to have it while I’m around my family, because I have newborn nieces that I would like to watch, hang on to, and carry around, and I could hurt them if I had it. My name probably would have to be, Shock-ster” -CWE

“I would have the power to control someones emotions with a touch. i would have the power to fly too. i would be an unknown superhero like spider man but i would have no name. i would be a normal guy, like nobody knows who or what i am. i would be an average person. no one would know that i have a superpower except me, and maybe a couple people i would tell.” -DW

Thanks for reading! Have a great day.


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3 Responses to Are you Superhuman?

  1. Mrs. Robin Hutton says:

    Your writing shows great insight in yourselves, and that you are sensitive and thoughtful. Keep writing- I enjoy checking your blog every day to see what you have written.

  2. Mr P says:

    I would breathe underwater.

  3. Destiny says:

    I Love The Fact That ALL These Students, Think about Others, When The Question Does NOT Ask About Other People. It’s Shows that They All Have Big Hearts, Especially to The People Around Them. That’s What Makes A Great Superhero!! 🙂

    **To GFH: A Person Does NOT Need to Be A Superhero (With a cool name), For Others to Look Up Too! You Can Be A Role Model to Your Peers, Friends, Classmates && the Children Younger than You! An Elder of Mine that told me…”The Only Thing You Own In This World is Your NAME, and It’s Your Choice to Make A Good or Bad Name for Yourself, Because When You Switch This World for the Next, Your Taking Your Name with You” (Food for Though). -I Loved that You Picked Air! I Would Have Never Though of That! Your Smart && You’ll Make A Great Role Model!


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